Country Life, September 2008

The Land Girls

"Being a farrier is about knack and technique, not brute force and ignorance".  Abby set her heart on being a farrier aged six.  "I wouldn't say I was a tomboy, but I was an outdoor child".


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Dorset Echo Weekend Mag

Dorset Echo, July 2007

The Queen of Clop

''I never went out to make a statement about women's rights. When I decided on what I wanted to do and got told 'you'll never make it' that was like holding a red rag to a bull to be honest. But it was never about being the fifth female farrier in the country or anything like that. I just wanted to make a difference so that the animal's lives can be the best they can.''


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The Field, May 1997

A Fruitful Career in a the Male Preserve

''Abigail Bunyard was determined to work with animals and out of doors. Discouraged by the academic 'north face' of the veterinary profession, she pestered the man who had shod her pony since she was five years old to take her on as his apprentice.''


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The Forge, July 2017

Positive Change, Looking Ahead.

Abby Bunyard joins the Executive Committee, serving as Treasurer. 


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The New Forest Spring Fair

 This was the second year that Abby Bunyard has organised a competition for farriers in the New Forest Area. 


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The Lady, November 1993

"Forging Ahead"

Abigail Bunyard is one of only five women in the country training to become farriers...... From the start of her training she has spent at least four hours a day in the forge. Intensive weight training is the secret, apparently.'' 

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